Chapter 4

Managing with Technology

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the pros and cons of technology

arrow Tapping into technology's good effects

arrow Networking your organization

You've gotta love technology. Unfortunately, like everything else in life, technology has its good and bad points. On the upside, computers make our work lives much easier and more efficient. As long as your computer doesn't crash, it remembers everything you've done forever and makes completing repetitive tasks (like merging a letter with a 1,000-person mailing list) a snap. On the downside, computers can be an enormous waste of time. Instead of working, some people spend a significant portion of their workdays checking their Facebook accounts, bidding on items on eBay, and keeping track of the latest celebrity gossip.

You may automatically assume that your employees are more productive because they have computers at their fingertips, but are you (and your organization) really getting the most out of innovative and expensive technology? Given how much money most companies invest in their information technology systems, hardware, and software, that can be a million-dollar question. Or more.

In this chapter, you find ...

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