Chapter 3

Developing a Vision

In This Chapter

arrow What visions are, and where they come from

arrow Keeping a vision simple and doable

arrow Crafting your vision into a plan

arrow Applying vision to opportunity

arrow Making sure your vision is adaptable

With just a little training, people can learn to operate in a cooperative manner, without the imposition of leaders. A group can be trained to set its own goals, implement its own mission, and move to action just as if it had a leader, but with responsibilities shared among all members of the group. So why bother with leaders at all? Why not just train people in their tasks, integrate those tasks with other jobs and roles, and set a whole group in motion?

Invariably, situations arise that require something more than group thinking and collective action. A challenging problem may arise that requires a totally new direction, or a group may have been successful in its mission but reached a kind of dead end. In both cases, the group needs something that it can't ...

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