Chapter 5

The Process of Leadership

In This Chapter

arrow Recognizing the skills that make the leader

arrow Utilizing your strengths — and your weaknesses

arrow Navigating expectations from all sides

Coming into a leadership position means applying your knowledge and experience in ways you may not have before. It means that you're utilizing what you have and developing new skills along the way. How you go about that depends on some basic concepts of leadership and on thinking about what you're coming into the position with, how you can utilize those strengths (and make the most of the weaknesses), and how you can continue to develop as you meet the expectations of those around you — and yourself. This chapter gives you a basis for understanding what's coming, as well as some advice for moving forward with confidence.

Discovering the Skills of a Leader

Leaders are constantly asked to make choices, which generally fall into three categories: choosing among goals, choosing among missions, and choosing among people. The first two are fairly straightforward. But whenever people come into the equation, the choices you make automatically become more complex. Choosing among people not only means mediating ...

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