Chapter 5

Delegating to Get Things Done

In This Chapter

arrow Managing through delegation

arrow Debunking the myths about delegation

arrow Putting delegation to work

arrow Choosing which tasks to delegate

arrow Keeping tabs on your employees

arrow Making things happen when you aren't in charge

The power of effective management comes not from your efforts alone (sorry to burst your bubble) but from the sum of all the efforts of each person within your work group. If you're responsible for only a few employees, with extraordinary effort you perhaps can do the work of your entire group if you so desire (and if you want to be a complete stranger to your friends and family).

However, when you're responsible for a larger organization, you simply can't be an effective manager by trying to do all of your group's work. In the best case, the group may view you as a micromanager who gets too involved in the petty details of running ...

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