Chapter 1

Encouraging Commitment through Coaching and Mentoring

In This Chapter

arrow Casting yourself as a business coach

arrow Recognizing ways to stimulate employee commitment

arrow Setting a leadership tone for effective coaching

arrow Managing assertively and collaboratively

arrow Introducing a model for guiding efforts that build employee commitment

Take any group of managers and ask them if they want employees with high levels of commitment. Except for the rare person (who probably needs to be committed — sorry, couldn't resist), the answer will come up a resounding “yes!”

Employees with high levels of commitment are the ones most dedicated to the job and the organization. They're the ones who show drive and initiative, who work hard, and who aren't satisfied until they deliver top results. They're also the ones most likely to stick around and not leave the company. Simply stated, employees with high levels of commitment make a manager's job much easier and much more effective.

Achieving this commitment ...

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