Chapter 5

Resolving Conflict

In This Chapter

arrow Forming your plan of conflict-resolution action

arrow Leading the meeting that makes the change

arrow Working toward solutions

arrow Finding resolution and moving forward

As a manager, you inevitably spend a considerable amount of time involved with employee conflicts. Although few managers look forward to stepping in to manage conflict, getting a jump on conflict resolution saves you time, money, and energy. Too many managers overlook the cost of conflict, or the cost of doing nothing about a conflict, when considering the impact of disagreements. As one executive wisely said, “I provide conflict resolution training for my employees so I can implement their ideas rather than solve their problems.”

Read on to find out how you take action when the time is right. Find out about how to plan for and facilitate a negotiation that is most likely to lead to resolution, including the right questions to ask and even how to ask them, as well as engaging both parties, brainstorming, and reaching agreement.

Developing a Plan to Resolve Conflict

Managers often have ...

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