Chapter 2

Strategies for Building Effective Teams

In This Chapter

arrow Implementing strategies that set a foundation for a team

arrow Defining the work to be done and who does what

arrow Ensuring that each player knows his role and the plan ahead

arrow Getting all eyes on the prize and creating cohesiveness

arrow Reporting results and evaluating progress

arrow Encouraging efforts that bring success

The time for getting to work and making your team go is upon you. You need to plug in the strategies that are necessary for building focus, cohesiveness, and accountability within your team. (If you need to, flip back to the previous chapter for a refresher on the importance of these three cornerstones.)

Imagine, if you will, holding a camera. When you put it into focus, you get quality pictures (as long as you keep your hand away from the lens). Teams also need focus so they get quality performance. The focus cornerstone ...

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