Chapter 4

Working Productively with Teams

In This Chapter

arrow Examining five group decision-making methods

arrow Sorting out a team conflict

arrow Making team meetings efficient and effective

Whenever you're asking team members to pull together to get work done, having them help you make decisions about day-to-day work is part of the plan. In fact, leading your team effectively as a coach involves utilizing some form of shared decision making on a regular basis. In this chapter, you discover some techniques for ensuring that shared decision making is effective and relatively painless.

At times, a team is going to experience conflict; that's only natural. This chapter walks you through resolving team conflicts as well.

Of course, a team can't reach consensus without getting together from time to time. Meeting, though, is a dirty word in the work vocabulary, and breaking free from that perception isn't easy. You can apply techniques to make the dreaded but essential meeting a productive part of your team's process, and this chapter tackles that topic as well.

Making Decisions as a Team

People support most what they help create. Getting your people involved in making decisions about issues that affect ...

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