Chapter 2

Putting Your Plan for Change into Motion

In This Chapter

arrow Getting ready for change with vision . . . and a road map

arrow Creating a plan that puts change on the right path

arrow Keeping an eye on measurement as you progress

arrow Ensuring effective communication through change

Starting right here and now, you need to begin filling your change toolbox. With what, you ask? With the right mechanisms for aligning your strategy, values, goals, and processes from top to bottom throughout the change project. You also need to assemble your core team who will help you cross the finish line. This task isn't easy, and you may feel somewhat overwhelmed. But here's help.

In this chapter, you come to an understanding of the steps you take to guide the process of change, and you find out how to use these steps to bring about the desired results. You find out how to measure progress and communicate the change your company needs to best ensure that it happens — and lasts. With all the new tools you receive in this chapter, you'll be able to get your change team up to speed quickly and get that change rolling. ...

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