2.   Calm Yourself Physically

No matter how diligently you try to avoid anger, you will still get angry on occasion. Pay attention to the people and circumstances that tend to make you angry, and learn to recognize the early warning signs of anger:

•   Do you tense up? Clench your fists?

•   Does your heart race?

•   Do you sweat? Flush? Pale?

•   Do you breathe rapidly? Grind your teeth? Glare? Shudder? Twitch? Become speechless? Feel like yelling? Crying? Hitting?

When you detect those warning signs, take the first step to effective anger management by calming yourself down. How? Try one or more of these techniques:

Physical Exercises

—   Jump up and down eight times.

—   Do 11 jumping jacks.

—   Clench your muscles—fists, toes, legs, arms, ...

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