Managing Conflict in Your Team

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A 2008 survey by CPP Global found that 85% of both individual contributors and leaders agreed they experienced some amount of inevitable conflict at work. 29% of all employees said that they experienced almost constant conflict. You will run into it at work, and as a manager, you’ll be responsible for guiding reports through a dispute. In fact, 29% of respondents to the CPP Global survey cited poor leadership as a source of conflict, so it’s essential for managers to take accountability, and learn to build inclusive team cultures based on prevention.

In this track, you will understand more about conflict, and how to deal with it tactfully, professionally, and constructively. You’ll also learn ways to prevent unnecessary conflicts before they arise.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what burnout is, and what’s behind it
  • Learn actionable techniques to limit the negative effects of, and even prevent burnout

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  1. Managing Conflict in Your Team

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  • Title: Managing Conflict in Your Team
  • Author(s): Assemble You Limited
  • Release date: May 2022
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