CHAPTER 22Context: Supply Network, Market Forces, Emerging Technology

A final “layer” completes the Project Design Controls framework – its context. (See Figure 22.1.) This “sphere of influence” shapes design. While much of it is “beyond” our ability to control, we reckon with context nonetheless. It's the environment in which the project ecosystem operates. Context includes the supply chain, supply network, and underlying support strata that comprise the design and construction industries-at-large. Context includes external forces, market conditions, geopolitical events, emerging technologies, and other unpredictable factors. These forces threaten to throw the Project Design Controls ecosystem into disequilibrium at a moment's notice. Don't ignore them. You can't control context; you can only react to or influence it. Beware and prepare.

Schematic design of the Project Design Controls Framework with context, depicting the 5 levels that are organized in the logic and sequence of building: Subsurface, Foundation, Structure, Systems, Enclosure.

FIGURE 22.1 Project Design Controls framework, with “context”

Supply Network

Projects aren't possible without the complement of design consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, and trade contractors who support them. Manage in mind of them. Many a project has based its design on systems that aren't possible, available in the marketplace, or affordable. Ignore these ecosystem partners if you want trouble.

Market Forces

Be cognizant of market forces during design. Construction of another major project in your region, or overseas ...

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