Chapter 4. CIMOM installation and configuration 147
verifyconfig command checks the registration for the ESS CIM Agent and checks that it can
connect to the ESSs. At ITSO Lab we had configured two ESSs (as shown in Figure 4-28).
Figure 4-28 The verifyconfig command
4.7.1 Problem determination
You might run into the some errors. If that is a case, you may verify with cimom.log file.
This file is located in C:\Program Files\IBM\cimagent directory. You may verify that you
have the entries with your current install timestamp as shown in Figure 4-29. The entries of
specific interest are:
CMMOM050OI Registered service service:wbem:https://x.x.x.x:5989 with SLP SA
CMMOM0409I Server waiting for connections
This first entry indicates that the CIMOM has sucessfully registered with SLP using the
port number specified at ESS CIM agent install time and second indicates that it has
started sucessfully and waiting for connections.
Figure 4-29 CIMOM Log Success

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