access control list In systems, such as ERM, EDRMS, or document management systems, a list of individuals authorized to access, view, amend, transfer, or delete documents, records, or files. Access rights are enforced through software controls.

application programming interface (API) A way of standardizing the connection between two software applications. They are essentially standard hooks that an application uses to connect to another software application.

archival information package (AIP) One of three types of information packages that can be submitted in the OAIS preservation model for long-term digital preservation (LTDP).

archive Storing information and records for long–term or permanent preservation. With respect to e–mail, in a compressed and indexed format to reduce storage requirements and allow for rapid, complex searches (this can also done for blogs, social media, or other applications). Archiving of real–time applications like e–mail can only be deemed reliable with record integrity if it is performed immediately, in real time.

ARMA Association for Records Managers and Administrators, the U.S.–based non–profit organization for records managers with a network of international chapters.

authentication, authorization, and audit (or accounting) (AAA) A network management and security framework that controls computer system log–ons and access to applications that enforces IG policies and audits usage.1

authenticity of records Verified content and author information ...

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