It is impossible to write a book like the one you've just read without the help of a supportive community of friends, partners, professionals, and readers. Many people have assisted in the creation of this book—sometimes even without realizing it.

The book was copyedited—and my nonnative English was significantly grammatically improved—by Betsy Goolsby, David Gregory, and Wayne Purdin.

The design edition of this book was beautifully formatted thanks to the amazing design skills of Linda Hirzmann. Some early drafts and late adaptations of individual chapters were created by Erik Gille.

Useful photos were graciously offered by Anthony Claverie, Dave Brands, Gary Shepherd, José Ignacio de Juan, Jürgen Dittmar, Kamil Sowa, Koen van Wijk, Mateusz Gajdzik, Omar C. Bermudez, and Robie Wood.

It would have been a boring book without the wonderful stories and contributions offered by Agnieszka Zimończyk, Alix Moghadam, Anders Ivarsson, Cláudio Pires, Flavius Stef, Florian Hoffmann, Gary Shepherd, Geoffrey Lowney, Gerardo Barcia Palacios, Inga-Lill Holmqvist, Ivo van Halen, Ivo Velitchkov, Jason Little, Johan Dahlbäck, Juhani Lind, Lazar Todorov, Paul Bowler, Paul Holden, Patrick Verdonk, Peter Rubarth, Riccardo Bua, Robie Wood, Sebastian Radics, and Stefan Wunder.

Inspiring company visits were organized by Anders Ivarsson, Ivo van Halen, Jesper Richter-Reichhelm, Jordi Ascolies, Kees de Koning, Leighton Gao, Olve Maudal, PaweƗ Pustelnik, Rory Abbott, and Volker Dusch.

The ...

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