The photograph depicting a view of the road over which numbers 8 and 10 are written.

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The way people measure performance in organizations is often just plain wrong. Everyone should learn the 12 rules of good metrics. This would help establish a culture in which people see measurement as a way to learn and improve, and create an organization where all workers participate in the metrics ecosystem.

The photograph depicting the mathematical information written on a page and a pen.

© 2009 Jorge Franganillo, Creative Commons 2.0

I had a slice of banana cake accompanied by a small latte in my favorite coffee bar just before I wrote this sentence. That's another 300 kilocalories (or “calories” for our friends in the United States) that I just added to my fitness tracker. I allowed myself this transgression because we ran out of fruit juice at home, which meant I only drank water with my breakfast and my lunch. I was far below my calorie target for the day. Well, until I saw the banana cake.

Besides my daily calorie intake, there are many more things I could measure about myself and my work. Page ...

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