The background image depicting a colorful fireworks.

© 2010 Anthony Cramp, Creative Commons


Does your organization appreciate the things you've learned? Do you applaud colleagues who do their jobs well? All too often, organizations live day by day, from one crisis to another, and they forget to take note of the good things that happened. By asking two important questions and drawing a celebration grid, you can look for things to treasure.

A few years ago, I discussed some organizational challenges with my former CEO. I noted that the employees in our company rarely took time to enjoy their successes. People were always working hard and never seemed to celebrate the things that went well. I suggested that maybe we should have a big bell in the office so that we could ring it whenever there was something to celebrate. The idea of a bell came to my mind because I wanted something that would be visible, inviting, and impossible to ignore when used.

One week later, to my surprise, the CEO brought me a copper ...

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