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Michael Lopp, Managing Humans, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2158-7_25

25. Taking Time to Think

Are you reacting or are you thinking?

Michael Lopp

(1)Los Gatos, California, USA

Lunch at Don Giovanni’s with Phillip. He’s amped. We haven’t even seen our waiter and he’s already cleared the table and is scribbling furiously on the white paper tablecloth.

“See, we needed to speed up our release cycle, which is, of course, insane, but we figured out a way! We call it train releases. We’ve got four releases going at the same time and a train leaves the station every month. If a feature is ready to go, it gets on the train, and if it’s not, it waits for the next train. We’ve already released two trains in six weeks!”

I nod, watching the scribbles ...

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