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Michael Lopp, Managing Humans, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2158-7_36

36. NADD

Multitasking as art

Michael Lopp

(1)Los Gatos, California, USA

The gist of the book Guns of the Southis straightforward yet odd. What if, during the Civil War, the South became equipped with a lot of AK-47s? Long story very short, they would have won. Handily. The author, Harry Turtledove , chose not to focus on time travel or other delectable science fiction tidbits; he spends the time on, “Yay! The South won! So, uh, what are they going to do about that whole slavery thing?”

While I’m certain Civil War enthusiasts would enjoy this book, it is not geared for someone with my particular disability: nerd attention deficiency disorder, or NADD. While I read this ...

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