Chapter 11. Installing UW IMAP

Installing UW IMAP is easier than installing your average MS-Windows package. If you’ve got a few essential skills, you should not only be able to easily pull down the current UW package, but upgrade it as frequently as you desire.

With UW, compatibility is the name of the game. Unadulterated, UW IMAP runs on a wide variety of hardware and talks to an equally wide variety of mailstores. Chances are, you can just compile the thing, slap the necessary entries into your /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf files, restart inetd , and you’re in business. On a good day you may be able to go from no IMAP to a completely installed UW IMAP server inside 15 or 20 minutes.

Where Do You Get UW IMAP?

The procedures we outline in this section are for retrieving, compiling, and installing the latest source code to UW IMAP. Before we launch into that, it bears mentioning that you can get prebuilt binaries of the UW server, we just don’t recommend it. It’s our experience that just about everything runs cleaner if you build it either on the system on which it will eventually run or on one very nearly like it.

If you insist, however, prebuilt binaries are available at as imapd-bin.<machine_type> (where <machine_type> is probably one of aix, du, hpux, linux, next, sgi, solaris, sun, or ultrix).

Further discussion of what kind of prebuilt binaries are available may be found at ...

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