UW IMAP Utilities

Chapter 18, IMAP Tools , lists a variety of tools to perform nearly every common IMAP task. The UW IMAP Utilities are available at ftp://ftp.cac.washington.edu/imap/imap-utils.tar.Z. Download and unpack the tools at the same level as your UW IMAP source:

%lynx –dump ftp://ftp.cac.washington.edu/imap/imap-utils.tar.Z | uncompress | 
               tar xvf -

You’ll see several subdirectories. Each subdirectory has the source code for a separate utility. Change to the utility subdirectory and build the utility:

%cd chkmail
% make

In each utility subdirectory, you’ll find a manual page describing the purpose and usage of the utility. Here’s a brief description of the utilities:


chkmail is a utility for checking how many messages in a given mailbox have the Recent flag set. Any mailbox that can be described in C-Client mailbox syntax (as in the PINE configuration) can be checked for new messages with this utility.


dmail is a drop-in replacement for binmail. It’s intended for use as a local delivery agent in every case except as an MDA used by the transport agent. Essentially, dmail is intended for use in user processes, and tmail is intended for use in server processes.


An IMAP version of /bin/cat, icat can be used to display all the messages in a given folder in a single output stream. Users may also filter based on flags, dates, or other header values. icat is an excellent tool for migrating mailboxes away from proprietary or monolithic mailstores that happen ...

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