Appendix A. Deploying the sample code 303
򐂰 StockAnalysisSPWeb
򐂰 ValidatorEAR
򐂰 ValidatorWeb
򐂰 Servers
These projects comprise two service projects which developed the business
process and the system process for the redbook Stock Analysis sample the
requirement of which are described in “Stock Analysis Service” on page 82.
There is also a Web services project (Validator) that can be used to test the stock
analysis service.
Working with the Chapter8 sample files
The contains projects that can be imported into WebSphere
Studio Application Developer Integration Edition V5.1.1 and the can be extracted to a WebSphere Studio Application
Developer Integration Edition workspace that contains the same projects. The
The projects are:
򐂰 cicseciConnector
򐂰 JDBCAdapter
򐂰 JDBCAdapterEAR
򐂰 JDBCAdapterEJB
򐂰 JDBCAdapterWeb
򐂰 J2C Tool Plugin Import Service
The file should be extracted to temporary folder. It contains:
򐂰 a readme.txt file
򐂰 Configure MQ folder
The configure_mq.txt file can be used to define the WebSphere MQ
queues used by the JDBC adapter
򐂰 Database folder
The CreateStockInfoTable.txt file can be used to define and load the
STOCKINFO database table used by the sample code
The stockdbdata.txt file contains sample data for the STOCKINFO table
򐂰 The WAS Adapter Export folder contains the WebSphere Application Server
project files exported from the System Manager as described in 8.5.4,
“Building and exporting the adapter project” on page 217

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