13.6. Other Operating Systems

Almost all versions of UNIX use syslog to control the destinations that log messages are written to, so the System Logs module is available on most operating systems. It has similar capabilities on all systems, so the user interface is generally the same. However, there are some differences, as explained below:

Sun Solaris, Apple MacOS X, HP/UX, SCO UNIXWare, SCO OpenServer, and IBM AIX

  • On Solaris, the first time you use the module, Webmin may ask if you want to convert syslog.conf from M4 format. Unless you have made manual changes that use M4 macros, this is safe to do.

  • Logging to named pipes is not supported.

  • There is no option to sync after each write to a log file.

  • When selecting the priorities of messages to write ...

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