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Managing Mailboxes, Groups, & Other Objects: EXCERPT from Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out

Book Description

This content is a direct excerpt of Chapters 5 and 6 from the book Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Mailbox & High Availability (ISBN 9780735678583). This concise ebook is offered independently of the larger book for those seeking specific, focused information on managing mailboxes, groups, and other objects in Exchange Server 2013.

  • Directly excerpts Chapters 5 and 6 from the book Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Mailbox & High Availability

  • Offered as concise, standalone content for Exchange professionals looking for narrowly focused reference or specific problem-solving information on managing mailboxes, groups, and other objects

  • Written by award-winning author Tony Redmond, MVP for Exchange Server

  • Table of Contents

    1. Special Upgrade Offer
    2. Introduction
      1. Errata & book support
      2. We want to hear from you
      3. Stay in touch
    3. 1. Mailbox Management
      1. Seeking perfection halts progress
        1. Starting EAC
        2. How EAC accesses Exchange data
        3. Changing EAC columns
        4. Naming conventions
      2. Managing Recipients
        1. Recipient filtering
        2. Exporting EAC information to CSV files
        3. Some mysterious mailboxes
      3. The need for mailboxes
      4. Naming mailboxes
      5. Creating new mailboxes
        1. Completing mailboxes
        2. Bulk mailbox creation
        3. Creating new room and resource mailboxes
        4. Languages
        5. Default folders
        6. Manipulating mailbox settings
        7. Automating mailbox settings
        8. What’s in a mailbox?
        9. Ready-to-go custom attributes
      6. Mailbox resources provisioning management agent
      7. Setting mailbox quotas
      8. Removing or disabling mailboxes
      9. Reconnecting mailboxes
      10. Discovery mailboxes
        1. Creating additional discovery mailboxes
      11. Health mailboxes
      12. Setting mailbox permissions
        1. Mailbox delegation
        2. Managing Full Access permission
        3. Mailbox auto-mapping through Autodiscover
        4. Opening another user’s mailbox with Outlook Web App
        5. Sending messages on behalf of other users
        6. Outlook delegate access
      13. Shared mailboxes
      14. Recalling messages
      15. Moderated recipients
        1. Moderated groups
        2. Processing moderation requests
        3. Moderated mailboxes
      16. Mail-enabled contacts
      17. Mail users
      18. Resource mailboxes
        1. Defining custom properties for resource mailboxes
        2. Providing policy direction to the Resource Booking Attendant
        3. Processing meeting requests according to policy
        4. Equipment mailboxes
      19. Enough about mailboxes
    4. 2. More About the Exchange Administration Center
      1. Groups
        1. Managing groups
        2. Creating new groups
        3. Group owners
        4. Group expansion
        5. Protected groups
        6. Viewing group members
        7. Security groups
        8. Tracking group usage
        9. Allowing users to manage groups
          1. Planning for user-maintained groups
          2. Defining a default group location
          3. Creating a group naming policy
          4. How users maintain groups
          5. Restricting users to looking but not touching
        10. Room lists
      2. Dynamic distribution groups
        1. OPATH queries
        2. Creating new dynamic distribution groups
        3. Validating query results
        4. Creating dynamic groups with EMS
        5. Using custom filters
          1. A custom filter to address mailboxes in a database
      3. Sharing
      4. Certificate management
      5. Mail flow and rules
      6. Delivery reports
        1. Administrator searches for delivery reports
        2. Using EMS to search delivery reports
      7. Running EAC without an Exchange mailbox
      8. Setting diagnostics for Exchange servers
      9. But what will you manage?
    5. About the Author
    6. Special Upgrade Offer
    7. Copyright