Chapter 1

Confronting the Millennial Management Challenge


check Introducing the generational timeline

check Examining shifts in today’s multigenerational workplace

check Meeting the Millennials: traits, insights, and subtleties among them

check Recognizing clash points

check Finding a lot to love about Millennials

If you felt the need to pick up this book, page through chapters, or scan a series of helpful lists, you must have a reason. You may love every Millennial you work with and want to learn more about them. You may scratch your head anytime a Millennial asks when he can move up the ladder. You may struggle to motivate a generation that wears headphones at work and longs to bond with you at happy hour over a local IPA. You may be a Millennial yourself who doesn’t understand your own generation. Whomever you are, we’re glad you’re here, because this whole “Millennial thing” isn’t made up, and we understand your interest to learn more.

It’s no secret that Millennials are winning the generational ...

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