Chapter 6

Adapting to Changes in Organizational Structure … The World Is Flat


check Navigating the shift from traditional hierarchy to network

check Adapting to a more transparent model

check Using organizational structure as a management tool

check Understanding how to adapt for special circumstances

For decades, the traditional organizational model has played an invaluable role in creating law and order in the working world. This model places responsibility-heavy positions at the top with lower ranks trickling down, providing a fool-proof road map for accountability and responsibility and assigning everyone a position and rank within the organization. The traditional model has stood the test of time, left largely untouched as Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, and Gen Xers fought their way up the ranks and ascended into positions of influence and power. But for Millennials, a generation known for their proclivity to disrupt, the traditional hierarchical structure isn’t sitting well. It looks and feels like a bunch of hoops they have to jump through. The perception is that this hierarchy creates ...

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