Chapter 16

Preparing for the Next Generation in the Workplace: Gen Edge


check Discovering what events and conditions are shaping the next generation

check Dissecting how Gen Edgers’ traits will influence their work

check Accommodating your management style to their values

check Preparing to navigate potential management clash points

Time and tide wait for no woman. Yet again, another generation is blossoming from their teens years into a unique flock of young professionals, and everyone is wondering: Who are these newbies, and what changes will they bring to the workplace? Managers are wondering: How will this generation be different from Millennials, and how will I need to flex my management style? How will I train Millennials to lead this generation? Researchers have been forecasting who this group will be for a long time, and their place in the generational line is intriguing. They’re succeeding the most researched — and perhaps most contentious — generation to date, but there is little to suggest that Generation Edgers are the new Millennials. This generation has been formed by events ...

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