Chapter 19

Ten Millennial Strengths to Capitalize On


check Identifying and tapping into underutilized talents of Millennials

check Discovering ways to find the good side of the double-edged sword

check Setting boundaries so Millennials can lead with their strengths

Where there is light, there is also dark. Okay, that’s a bit melodramatic, but as is the case with almost all strengths, many are often double-edged swords. In the case of managing Millennials, you may sometimes feel that what makes Millennials an asset to your organization is exactly what bothers you most about them. Tech-innate can quickly become tech-obsessed. Team-focused can devolve into dependent and needy. Eager to help can be misinterpreted as entitled. Managers who can resist turning these positives into negatives will be able to truly capitalize on the natural strengths that Millennials bring to the office.

Though hardly exhaustive, the following are ten Millennial strengths that, when honed and harnessed, can have real bottom-line benefits. Drum-roll, please …

remember Just because we have labeled the following qualities ...

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