Chapter 21

Ten Tips on How to Become the #BestBossEver


check Recognizing that authenticity is critical and goes both ways

check Striking the balance between supporting employees and challenging them

check Avoiding the dreaded micromanager curse

check Preventing the trap of managing the way you’d want to be managed

Think about your favorite boss you’ve ever had. Have him/her in your mind? Good. Now, think about how great you would feel if your employees thought of you when people asked them who their favorite boss was. Even when leaders pretend not to care, most would be honored to be called the best boss ever. Figuring out the best path to popularity with this next generation can be rough, but it’s definitely not unattainable. Whether you push your people to reach their full potential or tap into the personal connection, you can find a way to earn the title of “Best Boss.” It won’t be easy, but once you do, prepare to see your team flourish.

This chapter lists ten things you can do to go from being a great boss to being the #BestBossEver.

Asking Them Questions — All the Time

Many experienced ...

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