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Most types of quoted scripture
‘‘Yours in Christ,’’ (and similar sign-offs)
Not allowed:
He died for YOU.
You need God.
When Are Videos or Audio Appropriate?
Videos and audio are generally appropriate when they are linked to in a fashion that
allows them to be viewed, but not downloaded. This, of course, excludes sites that
simply shout out ‘‘illegal.’’ If a user links directly to the video or audio file itself
(sometimes, this means that the link will end in .avi, .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv,
.mp3 or .wav, but that is not a be all or end all by any means) and it appears that
the user may not have permission to link directly to videos or audio on that site, that
post should removed as hotlinking—they should link to a page on that site that
features links to the video(s) or audio in question.
If a video or audio file is downloadable (such as links to third-party file upload
sites) and the copyright is not clear or cannot be reasonably verified, that post must
be removed. Likewise, any posts that specifically request that videos or audio be sent
to them or that the user be PMed are inappropriate. Threads that ask where a video
or audio clip of such and such can be found are appropriate, but those threads must
be monitored for links that violate our User Guidelines.
As with anything, if you are ever not sure about something, please feel free to
contact me and I will give you a definitive answer. If you have a suggestion for a
situation that could be outlined here, please let me know.
Thank you for your contributions to KarateForums.com.
Make Your S taff Stand O ut
You should make your staff members stand out from regular users. Whether
it be a special rank image, rank title, username color, or some other decora-

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