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Managing Project Integration

Book Description

Apply today's best practices for managing information, processes and people to maximize success within the constraints of project cost, scope and schedule. Benefit from the most effective real-world methods and new tools, such as resource breakdown structures and new treatment of optimum duration, earned value, and integration. Plus, you'll explore a conceptual approach that will help you integrate the most crucial element for project success: people.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. CHAPTER 1 Introduction to the Calculus of Integration
    1. Historical Overview
    2. A Specific Yet General Concept
    3. Project Management As Integration Management
  3. CHAPTER 2 Integration through Shared Information
    1. Data, Information, and Knowledge
    2. Integration within a Project, a Program, a Company
    3. Three Possible Paths to Integration
    4. What Makes a Project Large?
    5. Presenting Information
  4. CHAPTER 3 Project Plan Development
    1. Pre-Project: The Resource Breakdown Structure
    2. Initial Focus on Integrating Resources, Costs, and Schedule
      1. Integration Begins at Project Conception
      2. A Communications Plan As a Key Integration Tool
      3. Deliverable Milestones
      4. A Deliverable WBS Anchors Integration
      5. The Minimum Effort and the Optimum Duration
      6. A Bottom-Up Integration: Map the DWBS onto the RBS
      7. Managing a Network of Elements
      8. A Schedule from the DWBS and the Network Diagram
    3. Planning for Monitoring, Evaluation, and Control
      1. Understanding Good Measurements
      2. Implementing the Cycle
    4. Audits
      1. The Early Audit Catches the Worm
      2. A New Type of Audit?
    5. The Contract As an Integrating Mechanism
  5. CHAPTER 4 Execution and Closeout
    1. Earned-Value Analysis
      1. Understanding Earned Value: Evolving the Notation Beyond PMBOK®
      2. Possibilities in Predictions
      3. The Example of the Widgets
    2. Project Closeout and a Global Transition to EVM
  6. CHAPTER 5 Integrating Personnel and Other Interested Parties
    1. “Universals of Culture”
    2. The Project Team
      1. Encouraging Diverse Teams and Healthy Organizations
      2. Possible Problems
    3. Soften Interfaces
  7. CHAPTER 6 Integration and Integrity
    1. Integrity: A Foundation for Integration
    2. Honesty and Professional Responsibility
    3. Sharing Information Means Sharing Power
    4. Integration and Project Success
  8. Bibliography and Notes
  9. Index