Mylex has two RAID controller product lines, both SCSI-only and both supported directly by the Linux kernel. The entry-level AcceleRAID line currently features a 100 MHz Intel i960 RISC Processor. The high-end eXtremeRAID series boasts a 233 MHz StrongARM SA 110 Processor. Thus, the main difference between the two product lines is the controller’s processing power. Within each product line, cards are differentiated by the number of I/O channels present, as well as the amount of cache memory.

Although each card varies slightly in terms of its hardware, they are all managed with the same BIOS and user-space utilities. I evaluated the AcceleRAID 352, a dual-channel controller, but my experiences should apply, regardless of which Mylex card you decide to purchase. For more information about the hardware differences among the available Mylex controllers, consult the Mylex web site at or the driver’s home page at

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