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Managing SQL Server Encryption Certificates: Getting Started with SQL Server Encryption

Video Description

Learn best practices in certificate management for SQL Server. Certificates are small snippets of text that are foundational to encrypting and decrypting data. Watch this video to learn how to safely store certificates and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands and compromising the very data you are using them to protect. Also learn how to ensure that you still have access to needed certificates following a catastrophe or other data loss event, because data loss from lost certificates is a very real risk that must be managed and mitigated.

This video begins with a short introduction to certificates and some of the different types of encryption they enable you as a SQL Server DBA to implement – such as transparent data encryption (TDE), backup encryption, and column encryption. Then you’ll learn practices for generating and managing certificates specifically for each of the different certificate types.  Next, you’ll learn best practices for backing up and securing your encryption certificates so that you have them when you need them, because losing them can mean losing your data altogether. You’ll learn about certificate expiration, and the proper methods by which to backup, store, restore, and protect your certificates so that any encrypted data is never lost.  

What You Will Learn

  • Ensure access to certificates following a catastrophe or other data loss event
  • Learn about the types of encryption SQL Server offers
  • Understand how certificates enable encryption
  • Generate correct certificates for your chosen encryption methods
  • Find where each certificate type is stored, how to back it up, and how to restore it
  • Identify best practices with regards to generating and managing certificates

Who This Video Is For

For database administrators and system administrators who handle or plans to handle certificates for encrypting data on SQL Server instances.