Chapter 16

Managing People and Interfaces


“GE can execute on a scale few can match,” says CEO Jeff Immelt in his address to shareowners at the 2013 annual meeting in New Orleans. “It starts with a culture—the foundation for any successful enterprise—a culture that inspires our people to improve every day. Our team is mission-based: We build, move, power and cure the world. We believe in a better way: We constantly learn from our customers, our competition and each other. We seek solutions for our customers and society. And we are a “We Company.” We know that strong teams with great people outperform individuals. That is why GE works. It is driving accountability for outcomes. It is fostering smart risk-taking and business judgment. Our ability to create our own future is why GE can win in any environment. We put our scale, industry expertise, technology and—most of all—the ingenuity of our people to work, creating a world that works better.”

With close to $150 billion in revenues in 2012 and $16 billion profits, GE is envied by many as an effectively run diversified technology company in global markets. Organized into five business segments of Energy Infrastructure, Aviation, Healthcare, Transportation, Home and Business Solutions, and GE Capital, its products and services range from household appliances to aircraft engines, energy generation, medical systems, and consumer financing. All of these businesses depend on project management ...

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