Appendix 2

Professional Societies, Journals, and Conferences in Project Engineering, and Technology Management

With the enormous growth of technology and project management activities around the globe and the increased recognition of project management as a profession, a large number of professional societies emerged. Many of these societies are headquartered in one country, but service their worldwide membership by maintaining chapters in many locations across the globe. As an example, the Project Management Institute (PMI), headquartered in the United States, reaches over 500,000 professionals in 180 countries with 250 chapters around the world and offices in, Singapore, Belgium, India, and China.

This appendix lists professional societies that focus on the advancement of project management, engineering management or technology management. The listing includes mostly U.S.-based societies, but also includes others from the international field with connections to U.S. societies and professional networks in the U.S. The listing is for reference only. No attempt is made to rank or exclude any particular organization.


Academy of Applied Science (AAS); Concord, NH;

Academy of Management (AOM); Briarcliff Manor, NY;

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS); Washington, DC;

American Chemical Society (ACS); Washington, DC;

American Institute of Aeronautics and ...

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