The process of managing documents is not static. New technologies and better processes continually evolve, and companies struggle to stay abreast of innovative possibilities and implement changes to benefit systems in place. Changing business models as well may dictate changes to systems. Mergers, acquisitions, company spinoffs, and new or changing product lines will surely drive adjustments to documentation and documentation practices. How then can people involved in managing document systems keep current? Attending conferences and participating in training outside the company offer opportunities for learning about industry practices and problem resolution. Journals and newsletters also provide information about the industry. And, of course, staying abreast of regulatory agency initiatives and rulings helps document managers in keeping systems both current and compliant. This chapter provides resources for staying current with the regulations and industry standards. They were current when this book went to press. This chapter answers the following questions:

  1. How can we keep our systems current with the regulatory requirements?
  2. How can we make sure our staff can manage our systems over time?
  3. Are their any online information sources that we can access through our e-mail system?
  4. What do you suggest we subscribe to in order to keep up to date with ...

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