Chapter 6Create the Right Rewards: Rewarding the Right Things in the Right Ways

Incenting the Entitled

They played soccer as kids and they expect constant praise. They got a trophy just for showing up! And they expect the same at work.

—Fitness facility manager

Anything extra-nice I do, they act as if I owed it to them!

—Nonprofit manager

I think being younger is a disadvantage because I feel those who hold managerial positions right now do not think highly of my generation. They think we are spoiled and are not hard workers; yet, I think the opposite.

—A Millennial

Dealing with twentysomethings—many of whom embody the entitlement orientation—has been one of the most frequently mentioned issues with respect to leading and managing Millennials. There is something about an entitlement attitude that makes every manager bristle.

The Millennial Intrinsic Value: Reward

Millennials value being rewarded. Not unlike other generations, increase in pay, bonuses, and promotions are enthusiastically embraced. However, Millennials also value time off and the opportunity to participate in community or social responsibility projects during company time. They are not high on titles for the sake of having a title or cookie-cutter employee of the month programs. It is safe to say that Millennials value what they value—not what you value! So before you try to reward them, be sure to ask them what they want. Millennials interpret reward and recognition as affirmation. Whether it is an actual ...

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