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Managing the Store & DAG: EXCERPT from Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out

Book Description

This content is a direct excerpt of Chapters 8 and 9 from the book Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Mailbox & High Availability

(ISBN 9780735678583). This concise ebook is offered independently of the larger book for Exchange administrators seeking specific, focused information on managing the Store and database availability groups (DAG).

  • Directly excerpts Chapters 8 and 9 from the book Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Mailbox & High Availability

  • Offered as concise, standalone content for Exchange professionals looking for narrowly focused reference or specific problem-solving information on managing the Store and DAG

  • Written by award-winning author Tony Redmond, MVP for Exchange Server

  • Table of Contents

    1. Managing the Store & DAG: EXCERPT from Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out
    2. Introduction
      1. Errata & book support
      2. We want to hear from you
      3. Stay in touch
    3. 1. The Exchange 2013 Store
      1. Long live JET!
      2. Maximum database size
        1. Sizing mailboxes
      3. Dealing with I/O
        1. Maintaining contiguity
        2. The database schema
        3. Exchange 2013 I/O improvements
      4. Workers, controller, and memory
      5. Managed Availability and the Managed Store
      6. Database management
        1. Creating new mailbox databases
        2. Updating mailbox databases after installation
        3. Backups and permanent removal
        4. Removing a database
      7. Transaction logs
        1. Log sets
        2. Transaction log checksum
        3. Transaction log I/O
        4. The question of circular logging
        5. Reserved logs
      8. Background maintenance
        1. Database checksums
        2. Database defragmentation
        3. Database compaction
        4. Page zeroing
        5. Content maintenance tasks
      9. Corrupt item detection and isolation
        1. Protection against high latency
        2. Protection against excessive database or log growth
        3. Debugging swelling databases
        4. Online repair cmdlets
      10. Rebuilding a database
        1. Using ESEUTIL
      11. Database usage statistics
      12. Mailbox assistants
      13. And now for something completely different
    4. 2. The Database Availability Group
      1. Changes in high availability in Exchange 2013
      2. Database portability
        1. Database Availability Group basics
        2. The dependency on Windows clustering
      3. Migrating an Exchange 2010 DAG
      4. Active Manager
        1. Automatic database transitions
        2. Managed Availability and high availability
        3. Best copy and server selection
        4. ACLL: Attempt copy last logs
      5. Transaction log replay: The foundation for DAG replication
        1. Transaction log compression
        2. Block mode replication
        3. Transaction log truncation
        4. Incremental resynchronization
        5. Seeding a database
      6. Changes in message submission within a DAG
      7. Day-to-day DAG management and operations
        1. Building the DAG
        2. Pre-staging the Cluster Name Object
        3. The role of the FSW
        4. DAG task logging
        5. Crimson events
        6. Managing DAG properties
        7. DAG networks
        8. Cleaning up before creating database copies
        9. Using circular logging inside a DAG
        10. Adding new database copies to a DAG
        11. Monitoring database copies
        12. Reseeding a database copy
        13. Adding database copies with EMS
        14. Using a lagged database copy
          1. Self-maintained lagging
          2. Lagged database copies and Safety Net
        15. Activating a mailbox database copy
        16. Rebalancing database copies
        17. Performing a server switchover
        18. AutoDatabaseMountDial and potential issues moving databases
        19. Activation blocks
        20. Moving database locations within a DAG
        21. Removing database copies
        22. Removing servers from a DAG
        23. Handling storage failures
      8. Datacenter Activation Coordination
      9. Approaching DAG designs
        1. How Exchange 2013 changes the resilience equation
        2. Building a DAG with Exchange Standard edition
      10. Server maintenance
      11. Stressed servers
      12. On to protecting data
    5. About the Author
    6. Copyright