This book is a Second Edition, and that only happens when the First Edition is a success. So, first off, I'd like to thank those of you who bought the First Edition. I hope it's proven a useful reference for you. A special thanks goes to those who wrote reviews and sent me e-mails! I have addressed your suggestions for improvement in this Second Edition.

A book only gets into people's hands through a lot of behind-the-scenes hard work by a publisher's team. A special thanks to the fine people at Wiley, especially Kathryn Malm, Angela Smith, and Frank Scalise, but most especially Ben Ryan, who has been shepherding Managing the Testing Process along from the very beginning in 1998. I'd also like to thank my friends at Microsoft Press who helped me with the First Edition: Erin O'Connor, John Pierce, Mary Renaud, Ben Ryan (again), and Wendy Zucker.

In the course of learning how to manage test projects, I have worked with many talented professionals. At the risk of omitting somebody and in random order, I'd especially like to thank the following people for their help over the years:

Dr. Shahram Zaman, Dr. Art Gooding, Dr. Richard Baker, Kyle Marple, Tom Bohner, Amos Hare, Jim Magdich, Troy Sukert, Bill Schoneman, Bob Petersen, Jeff Fields, Dave Desormeau, Joe Mata, Jerry MacMillan, Armand Aghabegian, Bob Hosale, Neal Pollack, Chris Baker, Greg Cummings, Shawn Panchacharam, Summer Chien, Dr. Bertrand Chen, Barton Layne, Kefetew Selassie, Craig Rittenhouse, Terry Newgard, ...

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