6.5. Exercises

  1. Identify the days on which you are unavailable for cultural, religious, or personal reasons. (There are no wrong answers here.) Compare your list with a peer's list, ideally someone with a different cultural or religious background. Describe at least one way that diversity in a project team can accelerate the schedule.

  2. In exercise 1 in Chapter 3 and exercise 2 in Chapter 4, how much time did you decide to spend on each exercise? Discuss the time-management decision you made in terms of certitude versus progress. Note that there is no "right" answer in terms of time spent on either exercise, and that the right answer for this question depends not on justifying how much time you did spend, but rather on whether you might or might not make those decisions differently on a real project where certitude/progress trade-offs are more acute.

  3. Using the change management data in the case study, find the "vital few" changes types through a Pareto chart as shown in Chapters 4 and 5.

    • Based on the number of changes.

    • Based on the schedule impact.

    • Based on the resource impact.

    • Based on the other cost.

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