8.4. Hiring Testers

In the first half of this chapter, we looked at somewhat static and dry topics, which are necessary to lay the foundation for the test team. For the remainder of this chapter, let's look at the dynamics of test team management, starting with how we hire people to fill out that test team we've spent the last few pages characterizing and defining.

8.4.1. Defining the Job

To start hiring, you'll first need permission from management to hire people. This is sometimes referred to as "having a req," meaning that a hiring requisition has worked its way through the process at your company and is now approved. If you have a human resources department, they have likely defined this process and the various forms and approvals required. As there can be legal ramifications associated with offering a job that doesn't exist, this is a hurdle that I recommend you clear before you proceed.

Either before, during, or immediately after the requisition phase, you'll need to define a job description. Job descriptions generally serve two purposes. One is as a recruiting tool. It can be posted on the Internet and job boards, given to recruiters, and so on. The other purpose is as a formal definition of the new-hires roles and responsibilities.

A job description should address the following issues:

  • What tasks and responsibilities are involved?

  • What and how much experience?

  • What specific skills are needed?

  • What training, education, certification, security clearances, or licenses are required? ...

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