So, you are responsible for managing a computer hardware or software test project? Congratulations! Maybe you've just moved up from test engineering or moved over from another part of the development team, or maybe you've been doing test projects for a while. Whether you are a test manager, a development manager, a technical or project leader, or an individual contributor with some level of responsibility for your company's test and quality assurance program, you're probably looking for some ideas on how to manage the unique beast that is a test project.

This book can help you. The first edition, published in 1999, sold over 10,000 copies in its first two years on the shelf. I've received dozens of emails from readers, some wanting to ask me a question or two, some thanking me for writing the book, and some pointing out errors. As I started work on this second edition in 2001, I received an email from a reader in China who had read the book in its Mandarin-language translation. People have written reviews—mostly positive, but with suggestions for improvement, too—in various publications and Web sites. I am pleased with the reception this book has received, and thank all of you who read the first edition, especially those who have given me ideas on how to make this second edition better.

This book contains what I wish I had known when I moved from programming and system administration to test management. It shows you how to develop some essential tools and apply them ...

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