Appendix B

Omninet: The Internet Everywhere Marketing Requirements Document


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1 Scope

This document specifies the requirements for a family of Internet kiosks called Omninet. These kiosks shall provide cash, credit card, and debit card customers with simple, fast, reliable Internet access in public places for reasonable prices per minute of usage.

1.1 Terms Acronyms and Abbreviations

For the purposes of this project, the following abbreviations apply:

AS Application Server
Cable Cable high-speed Internet connection at least 128 KBPS
CC Credit card (for payment): American Express, Visa, or MasterCard
CS Communication Server
DBMS Database Management System (server)
DC Debit card (for payment): PLUS or Cirrus networks.
DSL Digital Subscriber Line high-speed Internet connection (either asymmetric or symmetric) at least 128 KBPS
IE The Internet Explorer Internet browser
KBPS Kilobits per second
Kiosk The free-standing Omninet Internet access point
Linux Red Hat Linux operating system
Opera The Opera freeware Internet browser
PIN Personal Identification ...

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