Appendix D

Bibliography, Related Readings, and Other Resources

While this book should provide you with enough information to manage a test project, it is not exhaustive. I encourage you to continue to augment your knowledge. The following subsections provide you with some places to go for more information, including the bibliography of references and recommended readings. Like the book, this appendix is not complete, nor does the presence or absence of a particular company, book, organization, or individual reflect my endorsement or opinion.

Bibliography and Related Readings

The following is my suggested reading list for test managers. Many of these books and articles are referenced somewhere in Managing the Testing Process. However, some I have included simply because I feel that you might benefit from a familiarity with the material presented, or with the author's point of view. Over the last decade, we have gained a wealth of materials we can use as test professionals. I encourage you to stay current and involved with the latest thinking and research in the field. Today's wacky idea is tomorrow's best practice, and the day after's expected minimum skill set.

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Beizer, Boris. Software System Testing and Quality Assurance. New York, NY: International ...

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