Chapter 50Provide Frequent, Candid Feedback

Managers often ask how they can create a culture of feedback. Feedback is a tried and true mechanism for enhancing performance. What gets measured gets done. What gets measured and rewarded gets done better and more often (and more willingly). Ask yourself these questions about how you are providing feedback to the people you manage:

  • How frequently do you provide feedback to the people on your team?
  • Do they know what you expect?
  • Do they know how they are doing?
  • How long is the lag between their performance and your feedback?
  • How do people feel about your feedback? Do they look forward to feedback from you or do they dread it?
  • In your culture, is feedback a normal part of the regular routine, or is it a once a year occurrence?

Here is a story about how one manager made progress on creating a culture of feedback:

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