mysql_list_fields —


MYSQL_RES *mysql_list_fields(MYSQL *mysql, const char *table, const char *wild)

Returns a MYSQL_RES structure containing the names of all existing fields in the given table that match the pattern given by the third argument. This argument may be any standard SQL regular expression. If a null pointer is passed instead, all fields are listed. Like all MYSQL_RES structures, the return value of this function must be freed with mysql_free_result. This function returns a null value in the case of an error.


The information obtained from this function can also be obtained through an SQL query using the statement SHOW COLUMNS FROM table.


MYSQL_RES fields;
fields = mysql_list_fields(&mysql, "people", "address%");
/* 'fields' now contains the names of all fields in the 'people' table
    that start with 'address' */
/* ... */
mysql_free_result( fields );

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