Managing Your Brand

Book description

Managing Your Brand: Career Management and Personal PR for Librarians sets out guidelines for developing career pathways, including options for career change and the exploration of community service, as an avenue that can provide new opportunities.

The text allows librarians at all levels to maximize their talents, providing them with career planning strategies that will facilitate professional development and personal satisfaction.

Early chapters provide advice and strategies to readers, with later chapters addressing working relationships, librarianship, scholarship, and other forms of service.

  • Addresses career concerns, but also takes family life into account
  • Explains branding as a way of focusing a career around a few key ideas, while also allowing for growth and shifts in interests
  • Folds in sources from the business and general academic world along with librarianship
  • Sets out simple habits people can cultivate that are helpful in tenure and career development

Product information

  • Title: Managing Your Brand
  • Author(s): Julie Still
  • Release date: June 2015
  • Publisher(s): Chandos Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781780634500