Chapter 1. Getting to Know Manga Studio

In This Chapter

  • Understanding what Manga Studio can and can't do

  • Getting familiar with the Manga Studio workspace

  • Breaking down the functions of the Main toolbar, Page toolbar, and Tools palette

  • Explaining what the other workspace palettes do in Manga Studio

When you buy a new program, do you actually read the instruction manual? It's okay. You can be honest — I won't tell anyone. The problem with skipping the instructions is that sometimes you miss out on many interesting tidbits you didn't know you could do with the program.

Well, you can think of this chapter as your Manga Studio cheat sheet — so you don't have to go read the instructions. This chapter is your general overview of the program. I discuss how it differs from other drawing programs, and I do a run-through of the Manga Studio workspace, along with all the cool toys that you can use when producing your manga or comic.

And if you haven't yet decided which version of Manga Studio to purchase, I discuss how the Debut and EX versions differ and which may be the one that best suits your drawing needs.

How Manga Studio Differs from Other Drawing Programs

In many ways, Manga Studio is similar to other drawing programs available, such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter. Each of these programs is good in its own right, but because Manga Studio is first and foremost a comic creation program, it has a few functions that set it apart from other drawing programs — and that help make your life as ...

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