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Dipankar Saha, Mahalakshmi Syamsunder and Sumanta Chakraborty, Manufacturing Performance Management using SAP OEE, 10.1007/978-1-4842-1150-2_5

5. OEE Configurations in SAP MII

Dipankar Saha, Mahalakshmi Syamsunder2 and Sumanta Chakraborty2

(1)Kolkota, West Bengal, India

(2)Bangalore, Karnataka, India

In the last chapter, you learned how MII acts as an integration platform between SAP ERP and OEE components in SAP MII and the OEE CTC configurations for setting up OEE integration.

As a continuation of Chapter 4, this chapter will cover the various roles and authorizations and OEE configurations in SAP MII OEE component required to execute OEE standard functionality.

User Roles and Authorizations ...

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