Research Concepts

  1. What are the “4 Ps” of marketing?
  2. What percentage of your research time (on average) can you expect to devote to data preparation?
  3. Compare and contrast qualitative and quantitative market research.
  4. Discuss three ways to gain insight from data.
  5. Discuss why and how you should document your data.
  6. What is data wrangling? Discuss four ways to wrangle your data.
  7. Compare and contrast the four types of data joins.
  8. What is the SEMMA paradigm for data analysis?

JMP Concepts

  1. How do you import your data into JMP?
  2. Which of the following file formats will JMP import?
    1. Excel .xls and .xlsx
    2. .csv text files
    3. .txt text files
    4. .sav SPSS files
    5. All of the above ...

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